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Have you ever experienced these problems with current calculators and calculator apps?

  • When I am traveling abroad or on a business trip, I would like to convert the local currency's value to the value in my home country's currency.
  • I would like to get a calculator that can perform calculations with cryptocurrencies.
  • When I make a mistake in a calculation, I don't want to re-enter the entire calculation from the beginning. This is especially frustrating during long calculations.
  • Calculator applications lack the functionality of physical calculators.
  • I would like a calculator application with the functionality of a practical calculator, not a scientific calculator.
  • I want a well-designed calculator application.

Calculator Advance is a calculator application that solves the problems found in other physical and virtual calculators.

This application is used by professional businessmen, such as accountants, tax accountants, and salespeople, from whom we have received highly favorable feedback.

Can convert both real-world currencies and cryptocurrencies

In Calculator Advance, there is a currency conversion screen separate from the actual calculator.

There, you can download and view the latest exchange rate information of about 167 world currencies (legal currencies), as well as over 1,600 cryptocurrencies from the Internet.
In addition, you can use the calculator function utilizing your currency conversion results.

The currency data is the same data used by large companies listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), as well as those included on the S&P 500 Index.

Equipped with functionality on par with commercially available practical calculators

One can chose between the two most common types of input (SHARP and CASIO) used in commercially available calculators.
The input type can be set on the setting screen.

It is possible to configure the buttons for advanced users who wish to use high-level functions that appear in calculator manipulation textbooks (reference books for calculator skill tests, etc.).
For example, it is possible to perform constant calculations, percent calculations, tax calculations, calculations using grand totals (GT), memory calculations, exponentiation calculations, and complex operations involving combinations.

The button manipulation is the same as that which is published in calculator manipulation textbooks (questionnaires on calculator tests).
We have conducted many other tests, and we are always working to improve the reliability of our calculator application.

Convenient for long calculations. Display, review, and editing of calculations is possible.

Calculation formulas are displayed, so they are easy to review.

In addition, it is possible to modify formulas.
It is very convenient because there is no need to re-enter a calculation from the beginning when a mistake is made, it is as simple as correcting the wrong part.

Please see the following page for details.
Instructions: Formula review and revision function

Original and useful features

In addition, the application has its own unique and convenient functions:

  • Displays calculation formulas, independent memory values, and GT memory values in real time
  • Displays up to 15 digit numbers
  • Enough memory to save history data for up to 10,000 calculations
  • Results can be copied and pasted into other applications.
  • Button configuration can be changed (6 types in total: 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 5x4, 5x5, 5x6)
  • Buttons can be set and adjusted.
  • Stylish Design

And more...

The convenient functions and stylish design of “Calculator Advance” will surely improve your work efficiency.

Notes and disclaimers

  • Calculator Advance is a calculator for business (a practical calculator). There are no plans to add scientific calculator functionality.
  • (Only iOS app) There are two versions of the “Calculator Advance” application. The free version, which displays advertisements, and “Calculator Advance Pro” in which advertisements are not displayed.
    Please use the free version to confirm that the functionality meets your expectations, and then purchase the paid version once you have confirmed that it meets your needs.
  • Please note that as this is an electronic product we cannot accept product returns.